Updates are available

MOOG ~ Will have your updates for you. If your not sure what a MOOG is it is the Magical Orb of Goodness that we all love and adore and will give us fresh copies of your cats.

One of the biggest changes in this update is the introduction of the Sleep Stat. The Sleep Stat is located right under the food stat and will go up and down through out the day as a indicator of when the cat may sleep or wake up. When the cat gets to 0 it will take a catnap from anywhere to 22 to 45 minutes. As for how soon they will run out of steam and need to nap there are many factors that go into that and is best to think of mimicking real life and what goes into needing a nap, the more active you are you may get tired more easily the older you get you may not feel like you can do as much.

Other things that have been sorted out are the minor issues such as thinking you mated the wrong sex where it was only on the sl side that has you thinking this.

Sync Button not eating URL’s for your sim.

If you thought our cats were cute before you will find them absolutely adorable now, we finally figured out that the Ears were now showing you the different styles. This is fixed and Ears will show the proper style now.

There are other little things that we have done in anticipation for new features but will not spill the beans on those just yet.

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