Food and its Features

Our cats are a bit different in the way they eat then other animals in Second Life (SL) they are not grazers that need to eat there food slowly over the entire day. They eat their food twice a day like meals making it much easier for you to calculate how much food your going to need.  2 portions a day times the number of cats you have times the number of days until you need to refill it.

Now it is a bit confusing on our food bowl in one manner is that the food can ONLY feed your own cats. Our food does have a option to set it to group and to everyone or to owner and this is not meaning to feed but to buy.  The reason our food does not feed group or everyone is because of the fact the food is grid wide. you don’t need to have food out to be able to feed your cats their portion. The grid wide factor does make it so that each owner has to have there OWN FOOD Bowls for their cats.  In order to assist the people who wanted to be able to buy food for a friend or partners cats is we have allowed the pay option to be open.

Once again all owners need their own food bowls and catnip. They can be refilled by the owner, group or everyone depending on how it is set up.

Please don’t be surprised if your cats eat the food in your inventory they are very smart and they will find it.

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