Holiday Set On Sale 7/1 -7/5

The way we have chosen to celebrate the holiday is with a Limited Edition Toy Set. We have also come up with a Toy Chest for you to try to store your toys but your cats do pull them out and are not so good at putting them back. Like all lovable children they are only so good at picking up their toys. The items can be purchased separately or you can buy the whole set at a discount.

Available from 7/1 -7/5

Available from 7/1 -7/5

Canada celebrates their independence today July 1 so we put together a set just for them. If your from out side the US and have a holiday you would like to have a set of toys made for or think the group would like a special day set let us know drop us a note.

Canadian Independence day is Today

Canadian Independence day is Today

The Toy sets will be available at Crystal Ridge and at Canadian Country stop by sometime during the week.  Please note that the large bear does need to be laid down on his side to fit into the Toy Chest.

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