The little hiccup

Well as updates go this one we just had to 1.2.0 and 1.8.1 had one hiccup. While we don’t generally like to have these we do appreciate you all going through and updating your cats. The little hiccup that is mentioned however was the internal script that displays the number of the version that is inside the sack said 1.7.7 now this is only a cosmetic issue but it did cause enough of a issue that we felt the sack should get updated. The update was set out on Saturday the 13th however this caused further confusion and really we did not mean for it to cause the confusion but the mothers that were updated to 1.2 need to be re-updated to 1.2.0 with the new sack inside or it will keep giving you sacks that need to be update.

The 1.7.7 sack has outdated 1.2.0 cats in them, because they have the 1.2.0 cats with the 1.7.7 sack in them. So much like the chicken and the egg which one came first if in doubt update MOOG has the current scripts in them.  Do at your leisure as you go.  For those that spent the weekend updating you do not need to update again. This is for those that update only when the cheetahs came out or have yet to update.  There were 2 other script errors in the tigers that were fixed as well when trying to pet them so this is away to test if your have tigers and don’t know if you need to update.

We do appreciate all your understanding in this matter.

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