Advertising in the AD group

Over the last few days we have noticed and it has been brought to our attention that the AD and Auction Group is getting abused. As with all breedables this has been the case but we would like to take a moment and ask ALL Companies and individuals to look at what your doing if you are indeed abusing the group.

If you advertise any event too much people stop paying attention and actually get annoyed at you and won’t attend, just because they stopped reading what you had to say. In order for the group to be effective and for people to not tune it out, the rules have been adjusted for the WK Wild Kingdom Ad and Auction group to be as follows.

NO More then 2 ads for any event in that day. So if Suzie is advertising for the Auction at 6 at a certain location and Johnny is also advertising for that location they can have 1 ad each for that said event. They can use the other 3 ads they each have to advertise other things about the market but to assure that they are NOT BOTS which are not allowed, they should be different ads this will do 2 things for the market it will showcase other great things about the market. As well as if there is any stalls available or any wonderful cats on sale with in the market.

Please try to remember we are all here to have fun and to grow remember the community is expanding daily.



This is not hard and fast this recommended we don’t have time to sit around counting ads or looking for bots. We do however feel the need to say something when members of the group come to us and ask us to help control the abuse. All we are doing here is trying to respect the wishes of the end users your clients.

Note on BOTs: if the Bot respects the rules then we have no way of really know it is a bot or not.

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