Sumatran Tigers are HERE

As many of you know the way new breeds of a cat happen is that they come in through the existing cats. Much like they would in real life as animals moved around the world they became known for that part of the world.

Sumatran Tigers are tigers that inhabits the Indonesian island of Sumatra. In the wild there are very few of these animals left we pay tribute to them by bringing them to Second Life.

One of Breeders Tala (sissa aries) had this little baby tonight 7/21/2013

New Tiger Breed_ Sumatran(2)

Not even an hour old so her little eyes are still closed

Name ~ Jaquie
Gender ~ Female
Species ~ Tiger
Breed ~ Sumatran
Scale ~ Normal
Fur ~ Jakarta Speckled Nose
Fur Level ~ 5
Right Eye ~ Mint
Left Eye ~ Mint
Right Ear ~ Curved Little
Left Ear ~ Tweaked
Tail ~ Normal
Teeth ~ Normal
Whisker ~ Normal
Glow ~ NONE
Shine ~ 0
Litters ~ 0

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