Thank you to all

WOW, its been a long time coming to this point and whilst it has only been 6 months we could not have gotten here with out the support of these first markets, Speeds Auction House,  Wild Cats Marketplace and The Ruins (in order of the concerts). They all had been with us from our short beta period as breeders and all the way through unwavering.

Speed Beorn was the first to ask for a store and put his full support behind us and our product. Holding the first auctions while still in our infancy they have grown with us.  We would like to give a big thank you to not only to Speed but to Mamichulaa as well she has stepped up and made the trait board graphics that you all may have and has helped many of our new members. They have built there market up from those first days of just stalls to know have bid boards and an auction. Truly remarkable people and we are grateful to them for their belief in us. Please Join us tonight on there sim with the concert notice will go out to the main and subscriber group 30 minutes prior to the show time at 6 PM

Wild Cats Marketplace is owned by Meagy and we have had the joy of watching this little market grow from a 1/4 sim to a 1/2 sim then finally to a full sim. Meagy has her self been a breeder from day one of beta jumping in with both feet and falling in love with the cats. It was with a lot of her feed back that we made adjustments to our time line going from a longer grow up period to the one we have today. She was a enthusiastic tester when it came to our adding of boosters. (Booster development has made it so that you can completely customize a cats time line.) Today we believe she is the president of the BACA support group.  All fun aside we are grateful for the faith and support that she has given us. We love to celebrate with the music so stop by and join us with the show and Rockshoppes tribute to FOO Fighters

The Ruins owned and operated by Bret and Marnie Gearhead as well as Za rious Lee soon followed suit with creating a beautiful sim where the cats took up a large portion of the sim. It soon became evident to them that they would be in need of more room for the cats and moved to a full sim with an auction house area.  They have been a joy to work with as well and have truly been supportive. We hope you will join us for the ending party at the concert held at there sim our Own Random Nirvana will be in the band we will send out notices the day of but it will be NIckleback on stage a must see show.

To all the breeders that have started with us in beta to all the breeders who have joined us along the way we are grateful to you all. We have a great hunt planned for you as away of saying thanks it is full of boosters and cat supplies.  You wont be disappointed.

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