More GOODIES :-))

The support and love that we are getting from all of our wonderful breeders has been amazing.  The concert last night at the Speeds Big Cats Oasis was awesome and we hope that many more will join us at the rest of the events that are planned tomorrow Sunday the 7/28/2013 our actual 6 months for release date.

As we are in the middle of our celebration we have a web update for you. This is not at cat update you don’t need to do anything with your cat in the way of updating them they are already waiting for this part of the web update if you have the version 1.2.0.  For some time now we have been working on a way to list your cat for sale on the portal and make it easy for you to manage that when the cat is sold your listing is automatically removed. Sounds pretty cool? We thought so. This is a feature that as it grows and becomes more popular you will get more out of it.  It is ready for you to use the only thing it is missing at this point is YOU the User to list your cats. 

When you log into the Portal the dashboard now has 3 new buttons located on the right hand side and the ancestry  button that you all use is located on the lower left hand side.

Your 3 three new buttons are;

Search Classifieds ~ pretty clear here you can put in no preferences and search all that is listed by clicking “Search” or you can use the pull down to try to narrow your search at the beginning of course this will be pretty empty.

My Classified Ads ~ again this is pretty much what you have listed in the search area.

This area will allow you to edit the ad by double clicking on it and bringing up a edit window.

Here you can manually remove any animal from the search if you have decided not to sell it after all.  If you decide to not sell simply highlight the row and hit the trashcan it will ask you if you want to delete the record if you really want to remove the record from search hit the ok button.

Add Classified Ad ~ this is where you select an animal for listing and great the listing.

The drop down will show you everything you have sacks and cats alike. You may use the Location Notes as a Header in a notice it will be seen in the search section.  You will need to be able to open the SL map and copy the SLURL to the the TP to URL space.

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