Passing Cats a thing of the past :-( and Future :-))

We are  sorry to say that we have had to do away with passing of animals. This is sad to say that there have been a few situation where this was a issue and some were able to sell cats more then once.

To sell a cat now to get the owner ship to transfer the person must buy it using the SL buy method.

We realize that this is not so fun for some but really for the community it is much better.  The Team is here to assist you as we change over. PLEASE make sure your cats are 1.2.0 and your sacks are 1.8.1. If your mothers give you a sack that is anything else but 1.8.1 you want to update her and any sack.

UPDATE ~~~~~~~~

With the over whelming response and the shock and the horror

We have put the code back to the way it was,  it has the added security that it is suppose just not so tight that you cant pass cats.  Not realizing how many people used the SL Marketplace to sell ads. or to give cats to there friends.

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