Calculator Update phase 2

Alright this is getting rave reviews in world already but for those that have not had a chance to check it out we have added to the rarity calculator to calculate the total traits for you to make it a simple issue now to count your traits. Log in and check it out today! 

8 thoughts on “Calculator Update phase 2

  1. Love the calculator! I still think we need a little more work on how the traits are assigned. Example a single ear that is a whole 50% rare gets 2 points where something like fangs that are roughly 2% rare gets a whopping 1 point. I’m not sure why anything over 50% gets any points. Also there is no credit for getting eyes from another species. Here is a thought as well. It’s actually extremely rare to get a cat that has ears that are the same. It’s most common to get ears that are different yet the one with ears the same gets hurt in the traits. Maybe the things that breeders can actually get to pass such as teeth, wiskers, tails, size should be valued more than the things that are totally random. Do a test run on 10 random cats. Pretty much all of them hit in the 8 to 10 trait range. The key to higher traits values appears to be mismatched eyes which isn’t very passable and getting the rarer breed of a species. I think this is so far a step in the right direction, but I would say it’s far from a final product.

  2. I have to agree with DarklordEngler. I recently got a cheetah runt and was surprised to see that something so rare is worth 2 traits only, whereas a cupped left ear is worth 3. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    The new trait calculator is awesome though.

    • Part of the issue with using Rarity on the fur is when it is a new breed of a species the % will be 100 and then worth 0. Level is the most structured to go bye. Fur is more desirable then its trait count. It is the one trait you can see from a great distance.

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