Pregnancy / Delivery

Some of you may have noticed that the pregnancy delivery time was starting to take longer. A cat would reach a 100 and sometimes be stuck in that state for upwards of an hour. While this is a short time in the reality of time it is a VERY LONG time when one is waiting and pacing the floor for that stork and the cub sack to appear.  In order to help with the time arrangement we have made some changes to when Moms would move up to the the 100 grouping them together by species. Tigers being the biggest of the cats and the ones to maybe get more grumpy if a little cheetah got to go first so Tigers will move up to the 100 mark first and should be delivering the first little sack as the Cheetahs move up to 100.  Then it is the Jaguars turn and the Cougars turn. This order is for the best to let the cats do there thing but you should see shorter wait times between the number in SL hitting 100 and the cat actually starting to hiss.

We will continue to try to make things run smooth and we thank you for your understanding as changes happen.

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