WK Name Change

It has come to our attention that a real world company has contacted the owner of a web blog hosting a forum respectfully requesting they remove all references to their real world Trademark. While this real world company has yet to contact us directly, we feel it is our best interest and best interest of our users to change our name. It was never our intention to infringe upon the rights of any trademarked brand.

Over the next few days and you will see our name change to Wild Kajaera. Now you might be asking yourself, what’s a Kajaera? Well it is us, KAy JAE and RAndom all blended together to create a completely unique and wonderful word and our unique brand. We would like to thank all of you because it was with your words of what you liked about the cats that led us to this new name. You said you love the Cats, the Customer Service and the Company over all.

We know change is sometimes hard, but we hope that you will embrace this change as it is for the best for all of us going forward. Small changes will be the first noticed such as signs and logos.

We encourage all users to bookmark the new web site and delete any bookmarks or links to the old domain. Please rest assured your animals and items will continue to function normally while this transition takes place.

Wild Kajaera

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