Inactive / Active what does it mean?

You may see your cat running around SL but yet your dashboard says they’re inactive. How can this be ? Well the term just means that the cat and the server are not communicating at the moment that the last time the server tried it got the 404 not found error.  This is nothing really to worry about unless of course your Moxie is close to 60. The cats have a auto reconnect that will reconnect them to the server with sending a new message to the server saying basically where the cat is located.  The reason that they go inactive can be many things and we can speculate on why it but it is simple something that happens.

Moxie effects a cats ability to breed if the cat is 60 or under pregnancy and heat gain will stop. This is why we advise watching moxie but moxie does not need to be at 100 and will take days to drop. We are watching this and trying to sort out how often the cats go inactive but at the moment feel that the balance is there with the amount of cats that may go inactive for a few hours being less then 1 %.

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