Magic Map 2.86

We know we just went through updating the Magic Map. However just after we did this one of you requested a Hud that would call all cats home or turn all cats motions on or off.  Well we don’t like hud’s and we really thought that this could be a feature of the Map.  The only way to get this all together to work right however is an UPDATE to both the Magic Map and the Cats.  Now the Cat update which is coming and these new features sort of work with the older cat versions. The motion off some of the cats are very independent and don’t want to so they ignore the command. Just like real cats they will sometimes do what they want to regardless of what you would like them to do. Those we have had test it though LOVE the new features. Huge THANK YOU goes out to whom ever it was that asked for it and the many of you that said great idea.

To update the map simple rezz a block object and place your map inside the object with your name in the line where it default will say object and pass it over to Queenfelinea.

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