Things to know before you buy

Taking this opportunity to go over how our Sales Signs work here at the WK.

When you click a sign it gives you a menu. Simple enough you make your choice from the menu and then you right click and pay the unit.  Sometimes there are many choices and you have to make sure the id of the number you want is selected.

We have run in to issues where a buyer thinks to them self ~~ I want two of this item and just clicks the Pay part twice because it has not timed out yet. This will just cause the unit to eat your money and won’t give you anything.  It is annoying we know but you really have to do all the steps each time.

What to do if the unit eats your money.  Go to the s transaction page and copy your transactions showing that you tried to pay twice for something and only got the one. Place this information on a NOTE CARD with your name and it ATE my money, send this card to Queenfelinea. We will confirm it and contact you.

The unit will also print out a nice little transaction id and receipt this is only a little confusing when you have tons of people around you because your not sure if it is yours or not.  We will be trying to add the owners name on to this message.

2 thoughts on “Things to know before you buy

  1. not sure where to put this on your site but, here goes. I have a very hard time with this product. I have only been able to interact once with my cat; all other times is met with her disappearing to which I have to go Moog her…this has happened about five or six times now and SO I have a clone (not my original cat). I have had her only three days. What is the issue? I cannot pet her. Can’t walk with her. Sit with her. Cannot even cuddle her now. Something is wrong. What can it be. And AO is turned off.

    • Our in world group has 24 hour support and very helpful members, please join secondlife:///app/group/a754e686-96df-567a-660d-a37c01d7b862/about

      We will be glad to go through this.

      The clone is the old version going away leaving you with a fresh cat with newest of scripts.

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