RFL Starts Today

The RFL Breedable Fair starts today.  There is a lot going on with this event so will try to highlight them here so that you don’t miss out on them.

The first up is the animal for donation, which has come to be known as the RFL Cat the first in the series was a Tiger those of you that were with us in late May early June will remember. This one goes back to our beginnings and is a Jaguar.

WK RFL Winter 2013

Species ~ Jaguar
Breed ~ RFL 2013
Scale ~ Large
Fur ~ ChristmasMagic
Fur Level ~ Limited Edition
Right Eye ~ Christmas Star
Left Eye ~ Christmas Star
Right Ear ~ Worn Big
Left Ear ~ Tweaked Big
Tail ~ Natural
Teeth ~ Prehistoric
Whisker ~ Short
Glow ~ None
Shine ~ None

This cat is introducing the short whiskers. Yes, this is a new trait that we have made up just for this cat, it will pass to your other cats like all the other traits minus the fur. The fur is the only thing that will not pass. The donation price on this cat will be 2,000L’s.

The Second Cat that we have donated to the RFL is a ONE OF A KIND or a OOAK is the very first Liger. The liger comes with a full background of cats lions and tigers that were birthed and bred to be able to bring this very first one too you.

Full stats on the liger are;

ID ~ 217551
Name ~ Spirit
Gender ~ Male
Species ~ Liger
Breed ~ One of A Kind
Scale ~ Natural
Fur ~ Magic of Christmas
Fur Level ~ Limited Edition
Right Eye ~ Magic of Xmas
Left Eye ~ Magic of Xmas
Right Ear ~ Pinched
Left Ear ~ Floppy
Tail ~ Natural
Teeth ~ Fangs
Whisker ~ Natural
Glow ~ None
Shine ~ None


The way this OOAK is working is there is a silent auction part that will bid the item up to a starting bid for a live auction. It will start on Tuesday Tuesday, December 3, and ending on Midnight, Saturday, Dec 7. LIVE portion of the auction on Sunday, Dec 8.  We are panel 18 you will be sure to want to check this one out, he is currently 1 day old right now but will grow up while he waits for his new owner.  We have named him Spirt he is very pretty if i do say so myself and features a Santa and his reindeer flying on a trail of stars on a red background.

We hope you all enjoy the fair.

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