Lion Love

Two days ago we let the lions out of the bag. What a world wind of a few days. The repots are coming in that they are well loved.

Lions Love

The much anticipated release went off with very few issues.  The lions are the 5th of a line of breedable big cat. With the release of this cat the team has finally been able to take a step back and really look at them as a whole, and WOW what can we say the cats are pretty amazing.

When we started out to make them we never dreamed we could make them so life like and real. It was our goal but to reach that goal with the reality of it is a wonderful feeling.  Testing new toys they seem to get excited and happy and want to play with the new toy that they have.  That for them it is something more to investigate.  We do still have more toys coming to add to your own Big Cat experience.

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