Did you Update your food?

Please check your food in world we are getting a lot of reports about foods not showing accurate levels in second life. This is due to the food being out of date and needing to be updated to the new food. We would hate to see your cats go hungry because of a false reading showing in Second Life.  The older version food will start to have issues reporting the correct levels, it is strongly advised that you rerezz your food if it is an older version you will know because it will vanish with a message asking you to MOOG it.

MOOG what is MOOG what language is this you ask, MOOG is our retrieval system it is where you can get updated items or fix any item that may not be responding as you think it should.  MOOG can be found on your dashboard of the log in page. To get a food item sent back simply go to webMOOG~Food and your items are listed in the pull down.

If you need additional help the WK CSR staff is on 24 hours a day and you can ask for help in the group *WK Wild Kajaera*.

*Current Food Version is 2.5.5

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