What’s a Keeper?

What’s a Keeper? A Keeper is a trusted friend or partner that you want to give a bit of control of your cats to.  This is someone who can have a bit more access to the menu, to help control motion or range.  They are not the OWNER of the cat.

Owners have full control over the menu.

Keepers have limited control they can Sync a cat, Options,  Motion, Interacts and see the Stats and Parents.  Under Options you can see Text and Effects that you can turn on and off.  Under Motion you can send cats to there home or turn Motion on and off.

What to do if you made yourself a Keeper and your really the Owner of the cat.  Ask in the group for a CSR and explain that you accidentally set your self as the Keeper and they will pass the information on and the issue will be resolved.  They will need the cat ID.


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