The Big ?

How to get a liger or a tigon?  As it is know that the Lion levels are getting to level 8 the chance of getting a hybrid cat is possible.  This is a very RARE let me say that again this is a VERY RARE occurrence. As in real life there are very few of these around. We have not seen it happen as of yet in secondlife other then the OOAK cat that was produced for the RFL auction and with only a few level 8s this would be expected.

How to get a hybrid? The only two species of cats that can make a hybrid are that of a Lion level 8 or greater and a Tiger of any level so look for the tiger with all the traits you want to pass in to the hybrid. Same with the Lion too as the hybrid is very hard to make you want the cats your trying to make it with have as many traits as possible.

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