Update Update

You got to MOOG it, MOOG it to Update it. Update what?  Whats the update for?  Well if you drug your feet and still have not updated your

Food and Catnip to version 2.5.5

Teddy bears to version 4.01

Cats are now version 1.4.03

Sacks are 1.9.41

The reason you want to have all items up to date with the current scripts is because issues you may come a crossed may have already been fixed. Most of the fixes are little annoyances you may or may not have noticed with the food it was showing improper readings in world so not getting the used up dates.  With the cats one animation was sending them to 0.0.0 position on the sim causing them to get stuck.  Sacks had a improper sl permission set to no copy when it should have been copy and this was the sack in side the sack that goes into the cat. Really got confusing but this issue has been triple checked and all is looking good.

So as the song goes you got to MOOG IT MOOG IT  oh wait that isn’t the right song words but you get the gist of it. 



When I am updating I get two of the same cat, Why?

This will happen when you rezz multiple boxes (ex; Catbox-1) of updated cat both boxes initialize at the same time and attempt to talk to the same line of the data base listing your cats.  The best practice it to initialize one box at a time and wait for it to say done in local chat before starting another.


Will there ever be a mass updater?

Yes, we are working on this and are getting closer but could not hold this update any longer. The error on the no copy sack was making birth deliveries annoying for many.



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