The First Tigon

Today was just like any other day, or so I had thought. Who would have suspected that today would end the wait for the first of the Tigons to be born into our Second Life (SL) community.  This is a very rare occurrence but a wonderful one to see happen FINALLY.

We asked the proud breeder for an image with the cat to share with everyone.  Being that the cub is only a few moments old. It still is relatively small but soon will be out growing its parents.  Tigon Birth 51814

Congratulations once again to Emily.

Sex ~ Male
Species ~ Tigon
Breed ~ African
Scale ~ Natural
Fur ~ Ghana Salmon Nose
Fur Level ~ 8
Mane Fur ~ Blonde Tip
Mane Shape ~ Majestic
Right Eye ~ Honey
Left Eye ~ Honey
Right Ear ~ Tweaked
Left Ear ~ Cupped
Tail ~ Natural
Teeth ~ Natural
Whisker ~ Long
Glow ~ Natural
Shine ~ Natural

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