Update with the new Updater

We have a new version of the cat coming out today 1.4.31 and we know it is going to make some of you groan but we have some good news. We are ready to test a bulk updater or auto updater. As we have had good success in small group testing we are pleased to let it out for the mass group to try. There may be a few issues as anything new might have so we ask for your understanding if you have issues contact the CSR’s and we will help you sort through them as best we can. MOOG is still available on the web and at the 2 main store location.

A little bit more about the updater. In order to make the updater MOOGable it needs to be in your owner items, to get it into your owner items you have to buy it we have it priced at 1L.

The note card inside the updater How to Use is available via the button How to Use and should be read before starting.

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