Collectors Cat at the RFL fair

WK Collectors Cat


A Collectors Cat is a limited edition cat that is made up special for an occasion it is the egual to a level 5 fur. This cat is a bit different than a traditional Limited Edition where the furs do not pass this one will pass its fur and its mane.  These furs and mane will also be added to the normal gene pool after the event. Causing them to pop up at random.

It will come as a Male ONLY and have the following stats

Name ~ WK Collectors Edition
Gender ~ Male
Species ~ Lion
Breed ~ Collectors Edition
Scale ~ Natural
Fur ~ Brr – Black Nose
Fur Level ~ Limited Edition
Mane Fur ~ Cowardly
Mane Shape ~ Royal
Right Eye ~ Golden
Left Eye ~ Golden
Right Ear ~ Curved Big
Left Ear ~ Curved Big
Tail ~ Long
Teeth ~ Natural
Whisker ~ Natural
Glow ~ Natural
Shine ~ Natural

You can locate the Collectors cat here

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