Flying Chimps

WK Chimps

Flying Chimps are breeding buddies to the cats. They were designed for tons of entertainment value to both the owner and the cats.  They are able to multiply if feed and to help with the population the cats can catch and send the offspring to the sanctuary giving you a boost to your sanctuary points.

These should be a fun addition to any WK Big Cat breeder who allows their cats to move. The chimps will try to ride the cats and poke at them while they rest. The cats will chase them and scare them into the air again.  If you wish them to multiply just provide food to the Breeding pair and every five days you get a new clutch. (Clutch it the term for when a bird has its eggs.) The offspring only are around for 30 days and require no food being that they can be caught and sent off to sanctuary by your cats. If the offspring are not caught in 30 days they simple fade away, making room for new babies.

The Chimps can play with some of the cat toys as well as have a few of their very own.  Lots of fun you can choose to get a pair of whites or a pair of blacks. Each pair comes with a nesting point.

You can find them for sale on the WK University sim here;

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