Wolf Note ~

As we approach the end of the Closed Beta we thought you might like to hear from one of the testers.

Hi Everyone! Cyndi here with a Wolf Update for you! I know everyone is waiting with much anticipation for the release of the wolves, and updates along the way. I thought I would take a few minutes to fill you in a little.

First, let me say this….the wolves are AMAZING! I am having so much fun watching them play and interact., that I have to make myself stop watching in order to get other things done. Each and every day the devs / owners are working hard to fix any small issues we find, so that they can get the wolves released to each of us to begin our breeding journey.

I could truly sit for hours watching the wolves playing. They run fast, and love to come sit by your feet when you are close by. I ask them to let me rub their belly through the interact on the menu…and it is too sweet. I have even included a photo for you to see. There are bones you can get, and they love to carry them around in their mouth, then place them on the ground, but quickly to grab them back up before another wolf can get it from them. Oh! and did I mention , when it is time for them to lay down, they even turn in a few circles making their bed comfy, just like they do in the wild.

I could go on for an hour telling you about the wolves and what a joy they are going to be for each of you, but then I would not get my testing done so that we can hurry them to you! All I can say is, be getting ready because the countdown is on!



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