You may have heard ….

You may have heard the howl of the wolves through out SL they have officially been released as of yesterday afternoon.  The wolves have been well received by most.

Wolf In Tall Grass

Here are what a few users had to say;

[15:08] ℳia Ŧεroɳia-Ďαɹќṡτøɹṃ (drknlght): OMG They are soooo cute

[15:17] Saronda Jewell: Congrats WK – a great launch and such cute baby wolves!!!!!! WOW

[15:59] Rose (rosal.spiritweaver): i am loving these wolves

[16:45] Jude Banx (jude.plunkett): OMG I love my new puppies! the howling and other noises they make melts my heart!

[17:09] Kopi (kopiluwak.diesel): the wolves are awesome!!!
[17:09] Kopi (kopiluwak.diesel): great work!

[17:43] Toolgirl Panthar: I am so happy with them thank you for making them

[15:14] Omara Lyric: they are spectacular!!
[15:14] Omara Lyric: I love them sooooooo!!!
[15:14] Omara Lyric: 😉

The Wild Dog – Gray Wolf  breeding is a bit different then the cats.  There more of a family based breeding vs the Level Breeding of the Big Cats.  This does not mean it is harder it just means you are looking at different things.

We are holding the first class on the WK Wild Dogs this afternoon at 3:30 PM SLT and you won’t want to miss it.  The class is held at our main sim on the top platform of the tall tree in the middle of the sim.

We have heard that there are people in other time zones that would like a class to be held and we will do the best to accommodate these time zones but would need to know what is a good time for you as we are a US based company.  If you like a class in your time Zone and feel that many of your friends or other Breeders would like it as well let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

8 thoughts on “You may have heard ….

  1. I would love some late evening classes. I live in the same time zone as SLT and work during the day, usually until at least 6 p.m…or would there be any way to get transcripts of the class? If you could tape them, I would be happy to transcribe them for you (I used to take dictation for a living…lol).

  2. I’d love can atend at any class, but the linguage is a barrier while the classes are made on voice. I undertand that voice become easier, but with too many persons from diferent contries breeding,I think should there be classes on texts. I even have listened to CSR saying you need go to classes, you will learn this or that on classes. But what it is, of go and undertand nothing what is said? Its extremely important that most persons can do classes, then I’d sugest of have, at least now with the new wolves, some few classes IN TEXT and not in voice. I even listened a person on group once complaing that even if she is from US, she is deaf… so she is actually on same problem as us others about classes,

    • A class done in text would be very hard to do, but we would be willing to work with a verbal translator if you have a friend that can translate English to your languor we would be willing to set up a class for that language. The Class runs through the help notes which you can get at our stores. Again they are written in English and would need translating. If you have specific ?s you would like answered let us know and we can try to get them answered in Text.

  3. If you can’t have the class in Text then could the Teacher transcribe what they teach ahead of time, into a NC for those who can’t understand the class or miss some of it? I have problems sometimes with being able to hear the voice. sl just does that and so I wouldn’t be able to hear the class. Sometimes the voice option just doesn’t work. Thank you.

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