October is HERE !!!

October has to be one of our favorite months we seem to pack October with a lot of really wonderful things.  The first of course was the release of our Wild Dogs.  They have been extremely well received and we are truly grateful for all the wonderful feed back that we have gotten on them.  The second wave of goodness in this month is the new toys we have for both the Big Cats and the Wild Dogs these are seasonal some may find there way on to the year long toy shelfs but some are only available for the season.  Such as the next installment in the Bear toys

WK Wind up Rat

We also have some new friends the Monster Pals are the newest in the line of stuffy fluffys that the cats and dogs love to cary around.


WK Monster Pals


The Devil Ducks are useable on land as well as in the water.  Though the Wild Dogs are still not exactly sure what to do with them when they are in the water.

WK Devil Ducks

These are just a few of the toys that are out at the two main sim locations,  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/78/93/21


Stay tuned we have a few other treats planned for later in the month.


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