WK Class Update

We are thrilled with the fact that so many of you want to take the classes. This shows you are truly wanting to get the most out of your animals. Of late a lot of people have been asking for classes at different times or to have classes in text or to have a transcribe of what is said in class.  As we can not do this for every class we have at least done the general class.  This can be found in the section to the left under WK 101.  There is even a page for ?s, if you have any submit a ? in the comment section and we will add it along with its answer to the page.

The live classes will still be taught as often as we are able to fit them in along with all the other work we do with the animals, market support as well as issues that come up for the individual breeder.  Thank you all for your patience as everyone learns the newest addition to the WK Animals.

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