A Leg Set Short Story

A creative use of the  Wild Dog leg sets.  A very funny story when linked together. Enjoy! Put together by Demi Radium.

Once Upon a time in a Galaxy Far from Mississippi i was Out of My Mind i seen Catty Wampus saying Life is Too Short To Sing In The Rain I Dance With Wolves Dance Love Sing Live Let The Good Times Roll North South East West.Star Light Star Brite let The Good-Times roll.Positive Thinking gets you Congratulations maybe even CinnaMonRolls fe Fi Fo Fum SuperCaliFragilisticExpaliDocious DociousaliExpilisticRupusagicaliRupus  anyway I Love WK Wolves not HipPopTaMus and A Way We Go// Back In 5 !! going for a Hot Dog With Chili.

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