Toys for Tots Opens TODAY!!!

We are so proud to be apart of SL Toys for Tots Breedable’s Expo & Fair, it runs for November 15, thru to November 23rd.  This is a large event sponsored this year by the folks over at Amaretto and KittiCats so Big thank you to them for that.  We have put out two toys for the events donations as follows.

WK Present

The first up is a Present toy that the animals can try to open up. It is magical and will re wrap it self after each try.

WK T4T Bear

The next is a Large size Teddy Bear with the Toys for Tots logo on the belly.  This is only available at the Fair.

Hope to see you all pop over and check out the wonderful display Jaed has made up. The animals are in full support of the Toys.

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