Wild Dogs Discussion

We would like to open up a discussion about the Wild Dogs and the confusion that seems to be there. We have heard from many of you regarding your frustration and confusion. As we know there are many more that do not contact us we like to have a discussion about your likes, your dislikes and what you would like to see happen with them. The goal here is to look at how to move forward with them to ensure that they thrive.

The biggest suggestions so far are:

Remove the Leg Set

Simplify the Furs (putting the textures together as one trait)

It would be better to separate their Personality, love the animations but would rather have tail sizes like the cats.

Have more distinctive furs making it easer to see the difference. (Less Furs)

Have Levels not Generations.

Please leave your comment below, respond to other comments in a positive way as we all can have our own opinions.

****** June 12, 2015 — Thank you for those that have left positive comments and participated in the discussion it is really appreciated.

Looking at the the wolf furs of all of them the Light Gray Wolf seemed to be the worst offender in having too many furs that looked similar. The Light Grey furs will be getting an update to a more distinctive body fur.  We are continuing to work on other areas of the wolves that have been requested to see improved and will release them as they become available.


32 thoughts on “Wild Dogs Discussion

  1. why is everyone so hung up on something that does not matter… i mean come on right now we know that at Gen 10 we start to get things like teeth … i mean what is confusing about that

  2. I think the wolves are vastly improved over what first came out. I think perhaps they could get even better but most importantly, I think breeders aren’t aware how vastly improved the wolves are. I’m also quite thankful WK is listening and making every effort to improve their product for us the breeders.

  3. The leg sets for the Grays have WAY too many phrases to obtain for having four legs to get matched. Takes too long to unlock traits. The higher generations are starting to bring out more traits, but it has taken awhile to do.

  4. in my opinion new wild dogs design well be awesome with some new fur. and also some new kind of wild dogs also you be able to breeding mix the both of kind together to get another kind of wild dogs like hybrid in big cats

  5. Think all those ideas are good ..there are way too many furs and most look alike you can’t just look at a wolf and go omg that’s that one fur cause it’s so hard to tell. With the cats you can look at and be like o wow that’s a manna or chestnut and so on.

  6. I don’t dislike the idea of leg sets but the random nature and the huge number of possible combinations makes it more luck than breeding to get the right set in the right order. I found it horribly frustrating. Perhaps each leg could only have the possibility of getting the part of the set that belongs on that particular leg so you could work towards a complete set from a much more limited amount of combinations. Considering how hard it is to get any particular trait to pass in the cats with any consistency no matter how inbred they are I don’t see limiting legs as amking it any easier. I would also like to see the coats both, look more diverse and have less types. I got rid of nearly all my wolves because there was just too many combinations and little visible difference or secondary market value. I love the challenge of breeding to a goal….but it seemed pretty impossible with the wolves without having far more than I could afford in prims and food and then it be more a matter of luck than skill. WK do a great job with their breedables but, for me, the wolves are just still too random. Levels or generations don’t bother me if they work in a similar way of new things appearing at particular gens/levels.

  7. i like the idea of a hybrid in the wolves, that would be something to breed for . I have had wolves since they came out , all the while limiting them because I have no idea what to even breed them for. If they had more defined traits and values, perhaps fur levels , losing the leg name sets because it seems pretty impossible to get a full phrase I been missing a word here or there for awhile now. Most of the breeders I know have given up on them because they are too complicated… and I think making them more simple would pull them back in.

  8. Updtae the WK wolfs extra large or extreme like the WKC more new Furs colors on them too make them Hybrid also like the WKC .that be awsome

  9. I think the problem is in the legs by more than try to make the set not leave the right way and that scares breeders who depend on raising to pay for food and land and another thing is that if the tough be regulated in the same pet cat or wolf as a price standard within start the cat does not accept less than 1k start so possibly the market stabilizes so i understand wk is not involved in sales but if the cat or wolf sold 1k up ty thank att, geo ejecutador…

  10. I’d hate to see the Generations be replaced with Levels. The Generation system is much fairer than levels for the small breeders. With levels, the breeder with the most cats will always outpace the breeder with fewer cats. Generations does everything levels does as far as knowing that we are advancing towards new traits and the results are 100% predictable…there is no worrying about whether you level up or not…you know what Generation the offspring will be every time. As for the leg sets, instead of trying to breed for it, what if it were completely random and came up with about the same frequency as the hybrid cats? I rather like the variations in the leg furs, and I don’t want to lose that, I just don’t like breeding for leg sets. It’s virtually impossible. The couple I have seen were way more luck than breeding. Hybrid cats were fairly easy…it’s being done in RL and the results are quite unique. I think that would be a lot more difficult with the dogs especially as WK only has wolves at this point.

  11. Personally, leg sets confuse me so I am cool with whatever the group decides. As for furs, more defined and less of them. Generations are nice. I look at that when I am breeding. What I would really love to see is more animations. I love interacting with my little pack.

  12. Leg sets we can do without but love more fur especially for the timbers and would love to see a hybrid in the wolfs to

  13. Personally, I like the leg sets and find them a challenge. Granted, I might feel differently if I hadn’t managed to get one of them. There do seem, perhaps, to be an excess of possibilities, especially on the gray wolves. As much thought and effort as I’ve put into them, I would be quite annoyed if they were removed entirely, but there is room for revision.

  14. I find the leg sets too complicated and confusing, and I barely even bother to look at them because of that — especially since I haven’t been able to find a complete guide after the timberwolves came out. I think the leg sets need to be eliminated, or at the very least do as EB says .. “each leg could only have the possibility of getting the part of the set that belongs on that particular leg”.

    I also agree with what Yew said about generations being better for smaller breeders. It’s nice that we can finally have a chance to keep up with the larger breeders, rather than beg, borrow, and steal our way into those new or rare traits. I don’t like levels at all, because I think people focus too much on getting the high levels, and lose focus of the traits and their values. I couldn’t care less if I have a level 30 or a level 5 … it’s the traits I care about, always has been and always will.

    On the subject of furs … there’s too many of them, and so many of them look alike. I was absolutely thrilled when red furs were introduced, and I think it would be nice to see a variety of shades in white/cream, blue-gray, blue-black, darker reds, etc. and I think the tails could use some work as well .. longer, shorter, thick, bushy, fluffy, etc. I heard someone mention that there are some teeth variations starting with Gen 10, though I’m not that high in gens myself so not seen proof of that — but I think that’s an important trait, the teeth .. and some shine or luster to the fur, if it isn’t out there already.

    Hybrids .. I would LOVE to see hybrids! and introduce new scale sizes with them, new teeth, new eyes, etc .. an entire new wolf altogether ..

    Last but not least .. and this isn’t really about the wolves themselves, but directly related .. I really would like to see an updated trait board come out soon for the wolves. The only one I’ve been able to find is for grey wolves .. if anybody knows about a more up-to-date one, please let me know.

  15. I love my wolves. But I think the furs nuances are lost by the sheer number of almost identical furs. The timber wolves having a ‘red” and brown” base is great but again the nuances are being lost. Instead of 70 beautiful gray or timber furs that are so similar that you have to study them, take it down to 12 distinct furs for each.

    Or perhaps have certain furs come out at certain gens or from certain breeding.

    EXAMPLE (NOT ACTUAL FACT) if you want a whitestone. Then breed a Teller and a Juneau ((Not an actual breeding theory but an example)).

    I first saw fangs at lvl 4, but they are becoming a more noticable occurance now. People say why did I not unlock them? Why? Because people are treating generations like fur levels…they get rid of good animals without unlocking traits because they want that “mystical” number. What if that lvl 7 you had, could have given you crooked tooth, but didn’t because you only bred it 2 times enough to get the next level. .

    I did not want fur levels or Gens because that leads to people think of breeding like a “end sum” game where there is a “winner.” It seemed that particular traits in the cats were the most desired. I think people got so hung up on having a “number’ that they stopped looking at the unique qualities of the furs, or of the traits. But all this is my personal opinion and as the ads say “your milage may vary.”

  16. I like the generations, the leg set I did get was pure luck and I never tried again, I ignore the leg sets now. The gray wolves all look alike so I go more for the colored ones now. I would say a lot less furs, the tails have no real meaning, the ears are even a lot. Besides this I stayed with wolves and got rid of most of my cats due to Hybrids making the market way to strange so unsure I want the same in wolves.

  17. The creators can correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand the situation with fangs as this: They had started to release fangs just before the switch to generations and a few people were lucky enough to get them. Once the generation system was implemented, those of us that were not so fortunate were forced to wait until somewhere around Generation 10 where they were unlocked and once we got there they were available to randomly drop in for us and they have.

    • Yes, traits will be unlocked through two methods the most common will be through generations, the other will be through specialty animals either from the Sanctuary of Limited Editions, Collector Editions.

  18. Ok, well, I guess my biggest confusions/complaints with the wolves have been two things specifically, which have kinda been touched on:

    1: Not Enough Distinguishable Traits

    I agree with everyone who has commented on the furs. Yes, there are a lot of them but very few of them are very distinguishable. It’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between a Grayling & Newhalen from a distance, for example, and the differences between the two aren’t really llt that remarkable to make one desirable over the other, aside from the fact that Newhalen is more common than Grayling at the moment. And since rarity is something that changes over time, I find it hard to get excited over “the new rare fur” when the chances of it becoming common (5% or higher seems to be the standard for “common” with the wolf furs) are pretty high. So, yes, I agree that there are too many furs which look too similar. It almost seems like there are just two actual distinguishable furs for each wolf breed (Dark & Light for the Grays and Brown & Orange for the Timbers). Winnowing the number of furs down and making them more distinguishable would be great, in my opinion.

    2 No Rhyme or Reason To the Leg Sets

    I agree with everyone who has said that the leg sets are frustrating. This is especially the case for me as I have been trying to breed for the leg sets and it is incredibly frustrating to see that so many have not been breeding for them and are getting them at random. I started breeding for them since I started back in October because I was informed that solving a leg set would unlock new traits (if this is not the case anymore, please correct me) and because it seemed like a fun puzzle to work on. Unfortunately, it gets really frustrating when I’ve built up a solid “leg set line” with strong, for example, MissIssIppI leg set traits throughout it–meaning both parents, all four grandparents, and most of the great grandparents have 3 or more of the words on their legs–only to have the parents throw set like “LoveMissChili5” in all 10 of their litters, effectively derailing all my efforts. I expected to have to work for the leg set but I sorta feel that where I should have made progress, I was completely set back to square one. Add into that the complete leg sets dropping from lines seemingly at random and, yes, you have a very frustrated breeder.

    Personally, I enjoy the leg sets, but it would be nice to be able to actually “breed” for them rather than have them show up at random. However, if they are no longer a means to unlock traits (since WK didn’t list them as one of the two ways to do so) then I really see no point in them anymore and they probably just need to go.

    Now, as for my opinion on “fur level” and “generation”. I didn’t vote in favor of generations because I suspected that is all anyone would breed for and that the wolves would become a “race to the finish.” And it seems to be that is what is happening and, yes, I feel that puts the small breeder at a disadvantage. I don’t expect them to go away but I would, however, suggest an alternate use of them.

    I understand that new traits will unlock at Generation 10 and will most likely continue to unlock as the generations progress. My suggestion is that, perhaps, if more advanced generations unlock new traits then the more advanced generations also LOSE certain traits. For example, let’s say Whitestone fur will show up in Generations 1-15. Then, at Generation 10, you unlock the Scarlet eye and that continues up to Generation 25 or something. That gives you Generations 10-15 to get a Whitestone with Scarlet Eyes. Once you hit Generation 16, you aren’t going to get a Whitestone.

    Those are just my thoughts.

  19. I like the generations. I ignore legsets because i really feel it’s impossible to get them to match up!! Maybe less options for phrases, or a higher likelihood to pull a leg from the parent/grandparent in a correct order. I love the personalities and their animations a TON! I breed for tongue and fur color … those are the only things i can see to make a differentiation between them. I love the wolves a lot, so i keep them. But I just am breeding randomly mostly because i don’t know what to do.

  20. Less Furs – yess because most of them looks too much similar, also i would love Hybrids- maybe a Dire wolf ?, more tail variations – like cats have and whiskers! ( is something missing at wolves ) :)) Generations are good i like them.
    Leg sets – I personally dont like but.. I know many ppl likes , so for me doesn’t matter if they will have or not – I breed for generations and traits 🙂

  21. 1: I want Generations to continue, I do not want them replacing with levels.
    2: I totally ignore leg sets, total waste of time, I’ve had two wolves with complete leg sets and neither gave me anything new in their offspring.
    3: Oh and tails, please give them proper descriptions similar to the cats, these playing cards descriptions has no meaning.

    These are the only things I am most passionate about regarding wolves, everything else I am happy with 🙂

  22. PErsonaly i´m totally ignore leg set, I breed for instinct lol. Love all my volves, i think have nice, Maybe levels of Furs, make one diference I love Fur´s for example Grayling, but i see ppl leave, I think Idea of LEg set, i´ts nice, one xtra, For all. I´m Happy I have all scales Right now, Mini, Runt, Normal, LArge and Xtra LArge, it´s my goals ;D but when try sell i think it´s more confuse for the buyer. no have one idea of what animal it´s nice for breed. PErsonally i think, i´m decide buy correct, It´s many work but when u see born u one new it´s reconfortant see u work give results… I´m HAppy with my wolves Fangs, my first 41T, I´m can see how many traits can have one wolve, i´m Happy when born my firs 34T, later 38T now 41.

    Now Respect to level Fur i think can add with plus and continue the chalenge of LEg set, personally no have none, Giggles but I hope one day born me one complete leg set, Correction I have ones with complete leg set, my sanctuary, and LE Winter and autism..

    Think only need… add ideas, and no changue this breddable, Cat´s it´s Cats, and Wolves have u own space… personally, only continue breed for instinct, no have one race, only try born me my best for me….love my Gray and timbers. Ty

  23. I like the generations. I breed parents to offspring and it shows me how many generations I have been breeding that particular line. the leg sets are confusing I am not too sure how to get the results I want. I bred amaretto for 2 1/2 years and the market became way to saturated with traits and coats, I like it that wk has slowed down the traits making them not only easier to breed but also to sell

  24. Firstly, I think the Wolves have improved greatly and I agree with Yew and many others about keeping the level out of it, generations is close enough, lvl breeding loses all good traits as said above, it then becomes a race and only the elites will win.
    The elites control the cat market now, as for secondary sales. This makes being a new breeder a joke and almost pointless. The elites have ruined breeding for the big cats and its just a matter of time before they release their top levels for next to nothing. Then anyone who breeds wont be able to earn enough to feed their cats via the secondary sales.
    The wars that they have with each other (the elites) only hurts the newer breeders.

    So since its already to late to fix the problem with the cats, there is however still time to even the playing field for the wolves and other wild dogs.

  25. I´m Agree Fur levels, make one race, and put in bad position to starters, most valuables animals it´s high level and put ….. prettys low level and breed with love, no have valor, this hurt, i think need put in balance, that, if need a race or make good wolfs prettys, i´m new breeder try understand WK, and love my wolves… descovery new fur , trait, try put all, make effort for that, it´s insane for example my wolve sanctuary generarion 1, devalue u childs, for on number, I´m think if put level of fur. No make diference,

  26. I really think the way as the cats are is much better. I prefer fur level then generation and the thing of you unlock furs and traits as the level go up. Make us want to keep going. I think legs as trait are not a thing to call much atention once they arent traits what are easily visible. As the cats, most like to see scale, furs, teeth, whiskers, eyes and tails, then sure glow and shine as well.
    I have my wolves and love them. Please dont missundertand me, but my atention is much more on cats then on wolves yet, I can see the traits on cats, I can see as they are improving, I’m always loking for them on market to see if I can improve mines etc.
    When wolves came out, I tought they would be as cats, and I admit I got a bit disapointed as they are. If I could ask, I’d ask for start all over again right as the cats as, but I know its out of discussion. But again, its me.

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