Light Gray Fur gets an Update :-)

As discussed in the discussion post one of the major request was more distinctive looking furs. We are happy to announce that  The Light Gray Wolf furs gets an update to the body furs. If your an owner of a WK Wild Dog that has the lighter gray fur go to your animals menu and click Sync it will get the updated fur texture from the server. Again thank you for all that posted and we hope you appreciate the new look.

3 thoughts on “Light Gray Fur gets an Update :-)

  1. Wow! I like! Had to resist the urge to birth one of each fur I have just to see what they look like! lol The new lighter furs are very awesome.

  2. I just put 2 of the same coats together and sync’d one of them. The coat texture automatically updated and looks superb. Waay better than the older coat …. more contrast, sharper, higher detail and you can tell the difference between the lighter coats now.

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