Small Cats are coming soon . .

First off THANK YOU to all the wonderful breeders who care enough to want to make the WK animals the absolute best animals on the grid.  As we have been reading in the Wild Dog discussion many of you like generations but they’re a few of that prefer levels, we like to run the idea by the breeders of what we should do with the Small Cats.

Both Generations and Levels act similar as they go up in number more traits will be unlocked.

Levels – work in the up one level down one level or the current level and are directly tied to the furs.

Generations – are completely independent of any trait so all traits fur included can pass to the next generation, and Generations are figured on the average of the two parents to be plus one.

We would like to hear from you about the choice if you were us you would make. Please stay positive and let us know sooner then later as these Small Cats are anxious to come out and play.

A few things about the Small Cats you might be asking;

Will they breed with the Big Cats? These would be Small Cats completely separate for the Big Cats and would not be able to breed with the Big Cats in any way.

Will they have the same traits of the Big Cats? Yes they will have all the same traits of the Big Cats.

What Species will be included in the Small Cats?  Leopards, Snow Leopards, Lynx and Bobcats. Not all to come out at once but in a similar release pattern to that of the Big Cats.

What about food and boosters?  Food and Boosters will be similar to the previous Big Cats (BC) or Wild Dogs (WD) but will be Small Cats (SC)

51 thoughts on “Small Cats are coming soon . .

  1. Definitely Levels just like the big cats!!! They are still popular, so I would not change that to generations. They would be awesome if they were the same as big cats!

  2. Please make them generations as that levels the playing field between the big breeders and the smaller breeders. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 pair or 200 pair you can still move your animals along at the same pace. and I so can’t wait. I am very excited to see the small cats.

  3. I vote for generations over levels. They do everything levels do but much fairer to the smaller breeder. In fact, we’ll pass if they have levels.

  4. I’d prefer generation on the small cats, it levels the field. No longer a game of the one with the most cat wins the race, but it caters to the small breeder as well as the large without falling behind.

  5. Level not generations.. Please keep the cats like the cats. I would actually have preferred if this was a part of the big cats and not a new breedable.

  6. Perhaps WK can comment on this but many breeders have asked to be able to breed for certain furs. With levels that isn’t possible as levels and furs are tied together and not every fur is available at every level. Plus, the way leveling up works it would be pure luck to get that same fur IF it were available at that level.

    With generations the furs are not tied to the levels you should be able to breed for that fur you like. I’m doing it to some degree with the wolves now.

    At least that is how I understand how it works.

    • With the Small Cats we’re looking at making the furs separate from both generation and levels. Allowing Furs to be a trait onto it self. As you’re right many Big Cat Breeders have asked to have the furs on every level. As they would like to have the fur that love and then focus on bring the traits into it. It is really more of a question is it better to always go up or would you like to have the possibility to go backwards in there too?

  7. The fact is generations can stabilize a badly wounded market. Traits would become important over bricks with high levels. Traits would be the selling point and put us back on track with the animals.

    Right now so many focus only on levels they miss the point. Yay I got a high level, but it has nothing behind it. I’d love generations because it then unlocks us from that race and gives us the focus on making an amazing animal.

    We can focus on furs as a trait unto themselves, the same with tails, teeth, ears, eyes and whiskers. It gives us greater control over making the cat we like.

  8. I think this kill to small cats. but maybe can make discover one cat, of home? for example, angorian, comun cat, Exitant same to RL, maybe it´s good idea

  9. Not breeding with the big cats? That’s not something I am going to do then I have been breeding for three years. They should be compatible to breed with the other cats you are going to make our cats redundant or change the market big time. Three food bowls? No that is more expense much more to add even more food bowls. This was suggested a long time ago to breed with the other cats you already have and not throw LEs at us to appease the market. You are going to sure get the market up for a short time at what cost? Loose your long term breeders that have invested years and loads of money. You are working on the small cats and not focused on the wolves to get them back on market correctly or bringing more into the cats you already have introducing yet another cat when the wolves were bottomed out in months is not exactly the best business move. Me personally and several big breeders I know will not be buying these due to the expense increase for food and the non compatibility for big cats.

    • As this is part of a discussion of sort on how to proceed. We have NO intention of making anything redundant. With that being said we would need to make changes to the Big Cats in order to add any more species to them. We will be opening up a discussion on those changes if it appears that that is what would be best for the Cats in general. Keep in mind please that we are not dropping the Wolves in anyway there our several updates coming for the wolves. As you saw the first of those last week and we our continuing to work on the leg sets and the addition of more tails per the discussion on that thread.

  10. I hope they are levels and the breeding works the same as the bigger cats. If it isn’t broke, I say don’t try to fix it, just tweak it. Their breeding is smooth, efficient and simple. A combination of levels and traits has shown to be the best for the market
    based on comparing how generations have done as opposed to levels. I am happy WK is working to improve certain things and listening to input from various breeders. People would be very thrilled to have some new cats to breed, IF they work the same as the big cats. It is what many are used to and prefer because I have spoken to many breeders on this and have been breeding and selling for years. I do wonder if making these new cats separate from the big cats is best or not. Sure, they won’t breed with lions and tigers but perhaps why not make eventual hybrids of say a jaguar and a leopard in the future? This helps the market of both cats rather than being entirely separate entities.

  11. Ok, I don’t understand the concern over food. The cost of food is related only to the number of animals we are breeding…nothing else. They eat the same amount. It will just have a different name. If you breed more animals the cost goes up, if you breed fewer the cost goes down. it’s a slight inconvienence at best.

  12. levels like the big cats and please make big cats and small cats able to breed together. A shared food bowl would be awesome as well.

      • How does everyone feel about adjusting feeding to 2 portions once a day instead of 1 portion twice a day?( Isn’t this saying the same thing anyways?)

      • For me is ok and fair – since we will have same food for both Small + Big instead of 2 types of food – most important is being able to breed Small Cats x Big Cats 🙂

  13. humm well its the same food so if i missed a feed they would stay yellow for 24 hrs vrs 12…. I like the cats not breeding with the big cats its a new challenge. Discover everything over again. : ) And thanks for fixing the furs in the new ones!

  14. I´d rather see them with generations than levels, this level racing is unfair to small breeders and trait breeders, seeing traits having more value than levels is a must to me as getting traits to get strong is way harder than leveling up.

  15. levels ( most of breeders prefers levels – they we can breed for levels or traits or both ) but also possibility to pass furs and i would love to be able to breed small cats with big cats to get a hybrid 🙂 please dont put leg sets to those small cats 😀

    • How do you feel about letting levels be there own trait if you will and allowing furs to stand alone. This became apparent that it may be needed when the Bengals would not transfer to the higher levels even when mated with a higher level animal. The fur restriction can be frustrating when you want to prefect the look of a cat and still want to move up in levels.

  16. 2 portions once daily is far simpler to manage and would be welcomed for certain by me and i would happily update my cats to have them able to breed with the new species we have had updates for far less in the past 🙂

  17. I agree, I do not think that the BC and the SC should be separate. Let them be able to be mixed in with the BCs and us to breed hybrids from them. let us be able to pull the snow leopards traits onto cheetahs/tigers/ect. I think making them separate and unable to breed would drive breeders to stop breeding and possibly get out of WK breedables all together. As far as the portions, is that going to have an effect on the way things (heat rising, pregnancy percentage, ect) raise or will it still be every 6 hrs? .

    • As far as the rising of the heat and the pregnancy IF they get added and the feedings go to once a day then that would mean heat would raise once a day for double the amount, Pregnancy would still advance but in double the amount twice a day.

  18. WE have all seen in the wolves that Generations dont work well. Leave it at the Levels. Make is simple. I have both the wolves and the big cats and I love them both but I have listened to my patrons and all have said the same thing.They cant understand the gen thing but love the level and understand those.

    • Generations do work it. As they are still at fairly low Generations they have not unlocked many of the traits but there are traits to unlock such as tail lengths and different ear shapes and eyes as well as all the texture traits.

  19. I prefer levels to generations.. i dont have any objection to furs being a separate trait… I also do not think there is any reason to separate them from the big cats. I would like to see them incorporated the same way the rest of the species were.

  20. Valaetia is right when I am looking at a lvl 30 snow leopard after three weeks what is the point. but right now the levels are staying to the breed when mixed right? will they stay that way if you make the level a new trait?

  21. Many breeders agree with me that level are the best way to go and the traits that we have now are understandable as compared to the wolves which nobody has or breeds much. Regardless of the generation system. With levels, people easily understand where they are. I would like to be able to breed my small cats with the cats I have now. If remembered, it was suggested a long time ago to bring small cats such as snow leopards be included. So why should they be excluded. I feel having to fill and monitor 9 food bowls would be ridiculous. Considering, we would have to rez them daily to keep them up to date with this server. Anyone who supports all of WK would have to this on a daily basis, so why can’t we just have one bowl for cat food then one bowl for wolf food?

    • The food version 2.7.0 does not need to be re razzed to see a total simply click and it contacts the server for the correct amount and displays it for you. As we have stated in some of the replies there is only so many engines that can run with in a 24 hour period. We can look at options of adjustment but it may mean longer wait times between the adjustments appear in sl.

  22. Have the cats eat from the same dish

    Make it very hard to level up

    Generations like the wolves

    Make it where we go on quests with out animal in tow to gain sanctuary points.

    I love what you did with the chimps and the birds but some places don’t allow you to have moving animals but if we do quests where we take one of our animal and do something with it for a day like oh I don’t know go to the park and have them meet and play with other animals that’s like a hundred sanctuary. And you do it once a day and its you doing it not your animal doing it so if you take one animal that’ll be like your entire animal collection going with you I don’t know I probably lost you

  23. I completely agree with Valaetia. If we have a level system on the SC then within weeks there will be a traitless high level SC making all of our cats that we try so hard to build traits into valueless. Why even spend the start up money for them? No one has looked at the wolves lately. They are amazing breedables. They have teeth and tongues and tails to breed for as well as scale and some truly beautiful furs.They have always had the most beautiful eyes that WK has offered. The generation system allows you to know where you are in building these animals and what traits are unlocked then. Everyone who claims they breed for traits should be screaming for generations over levels.

  24. One more comment, if you do go levels and interbreeding between the cats, do not let the level of the big cat be higher than one above the level of the small cat so we do not end up with mega cats within weeks and the spoiling of a gradual market.

  25. I would like to ask if the small cats could be generational and still be able to breed with the big cats for trait sharing?

  26. Funny how many of the people I see wanting levels to stay are the ones killing the levels in the market. It would seem they don’t want newer breeders to be part of the competitive market, rather the bottom of the food chain. Many of the people I see that share my opinion like Yew and Lush have been around the cat market long enough to know what would be best over all for everyone, not just the 1% elites.

    So, you can either make things fair for everyone or you can cater to the 1%.
    Levels are not fair, generations would be a better and more fair alternative.

    We need to get rid of the level race, it is nothing more than a tool for the elites to convince people that is what they need.
    You say “Don’t tell new breeders that levels are important” Its the elites that are doing just that. Then they focus on the levels (new breeders) and then they find out the elites just killed the secondary market for two more levels. This reminds me of the definition of insanity. The definition of insanity is… doing the same thing over and over again expecting things to change.

    Stop the insanity, get rid of levels for all the cats.

  27. im a small breeder and have bred both cats and wolves of the two i prefer levels and traits not generations and traits i like that levels can go both up and down .
    generations can only ever go up so everyone who gets the genation based breedable at the same time will allways be in the same place with respect to the other breeder and those the boost will allways boost and have higer generations and get traits first and on top of this everybody will try to sell the same traits at the same time making the value worthless.
    im not going to buy from you something i alredy have

    for this reason i say level are better for me and you too

  28. well I said I prefer them by level. My wolves are cute and in gen, then I actually have keep them due they being cute, but my fun is really on cats. Those trais of wolves as legs , to me honestly are totaly irrelevant, I like the traits that the cats have, I beleive they are what really mater.

    Some one said gen doneas tmake the wolf lose teh value, actually it does so even as level. Who will want to get a wolf gen 2 if they can get a wolf gen 7? But with gen as the cats, the furs are coming a bit slower, the wolves has toomany furs that we are able to get since gen 1, we cant even fell ‘happy’ for have reached a new one. Still rewmind when I reached lvl 5 abd got a tiger kalua&cream due it, I was smiling almost a week with no stop. I just dont feel it with wolves. Each fur is a ‘oh ok, lets see the next”. Any way, no one of them allow us breed for… I mean I have mated for exampte a white tigerwith other, having parents white too and with traits. Didnt get any white tiger between all babies form them, and even traits were not what they could from parents…

    Any way, I think, even if they are wolves, big cats or small cats, we still could have perfectly only one breedfood, petfoot and catnip´/happýbowl (whatever you choise call it) Now I have to check 2 place on website to see as they are, one to cats and otehr to wolves, with small cats, will be 3, if later comes out more a class 4,5,6… why not let it all togeter in only one of each? Or then, at least pull the itens tab apart of cats, wolves and small cats, all in only one place to us open just one page on website and can check all of them at once.

  29. Very excited to hear WK is doing Small Cats.

    Small Cats could have generations and traits (no leg set). Allowing Furs to be a trait onto it self sounds fine as well.

    Not breeding Small Cats with Big Cats is a good idea. This seems quite fair for average breeders like myself who too has invested years. And enjoy WK.

    Separate SC Food and Boosters seems reasonable. Twice a day like BC sounds fine.

    Also introducing sanctuary SC that passes more than one trait may be a good idea.

  30. I’d prefer levels and traits rather than generations, but not breedable with the big cats. One lot of food would be good for both sizes of cats, food still doesnt always show the correct levels so the less to check the better.

  31. I think in all honesty Levels are what needs to continue. I started off in WK Cats two years ago, I witnessed first hand how the levels were the reason the market endured. Sure its a “rat” race because those who generally have more cats (IE Money) generally speaking are ahead of others. I find it a little ironic though when people talk about doing away with the levels. This is a capitalistic economy. and Capitalism is where it will stay. the minute you start trying to manipulate the playing field (as in taking away levels) you will kill the market. Big breeders who invested tons of money into the economy will leave and move on to another breedable. They will do this and the market will fall. I am well aware of the big “whales” and their part it plays in WK. I worked for one of them who had well over 250 cats and I can tell you I saw them donate cats into the market to others and they intentionally stimulated the economy. In order for WK to survive people sadly we need those Big time investors, just as much as we need the new breeders. It is an ecosystem. Sure it has flaws but you can’t expect it to be perfect. Do not take away the levels. In fact, we should have all the animals on levels. Why you may ask?
    Well lets look at the Wolves. The Wolves were a generation system which no one truly understood its purpose. Due to that fact the Wolf market crashed almost instantly. The other problem was that when dealing with the legsets, we only got a partial list thus far of said legsets. No one knew or understood what they were looking for minus a few legsets such as fe fi fo fum. It was sad to see because in my opinion the wolves were very beautiful. Due to poor execution however of their species people got frustrated and did away with them.
    The cats though are easy to understand. Traits have point values, we clearly see that the new baby teeth gives your cat a higher trait score. Have a higher trait score and the newest level and you clearly have a worthwhile cat. It needs to be the same for the smaller cats and they need to be introduced in the big cats. Not their own system. Reason being? You will lose business. No one will want to buy into the small cats if their already investing money in Big Cats and/or Wolves. they simply won’t want to invest extra money.
    Anyhow, I do hope my rant helps, and I do hope you all understand the necessity of competition.

  32. Totally agree with Claus. Besides high level (on cats) or high gen (on wolves) to me honestly it just change the name. Sure any one will choose the higher level or higher gen on time of buy ans what is wrong on that? I agree the traits on legs doesnt add. I prefer get a cat 14T or 15T that I really am able to see the traits, like teeth, tails etc, then get a wolf 34-35T that I absolutely dont see the difference between its legs.

    More Level, I know well and undertand as it goes, gen? to me its jsut a think to keep the wolves going, most furs on then are out already on gen 2, so no much to unlock on future, differently of the cats, where you could never get a panther before the jag reaches a right level or a Kalue&creams if the tiger is not on at least lvl 5. It make everybody want to develop. with wolves jsut let them be and see what it will come….

    About the ppls going to fast and making the levels go up too fast that no one can keep, Just is need control the booster that they use. If each couple can for example use only one booster by pregnancy instead 1 by day, it sure will help a great deal.

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