Leopards join the Big Cats

As the beta is coming to its completion we are happy to announce that the Leopards will soon be joining the rest of the big cat family.  That does mean that you will be able to breed them with the Big Cats.  We would like to once again thank all the testers that helped us perfect the genetics on the Big Cats. Big Cats are still a level base up one, down one or the same level.  The fur has been liberated it is now free to move up or down its breed line and pass forward or back.  Species and Breed maintains its levels they are not allowed to cross over from one to another.

Leopards are coming

In the next few days we will be moving the updated system from the Dev area to the Production Area.  We will keep you posted on how the next few days go and will try to keep any interruptions to a minimum.

13 thoughts on “Leopards join the Big Cats

  1. That’s great news, I’m glad we had the chance to test them! I’m hoping the new things they will bring will be exciting and challenging for all of us.

  2. They were FUN during testing and shhhhhh (i am hiding some of the babies i got) lmao. Can’t wait for the drum roll!!!!!

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