Cecil is having babies

It is so amazing to see the offspring of this amazing South African Lion.  We know he is gone from the world but here in Second Life he won’t be forgotten. Some will wear his mane or have his fur color or even the mane shape but he will live on.

Cecil with his babies

With the birth of these first babies we like to point out we’ve adjusted things to make the passing of mane fur and shape more ancestral than it has been in the past. This effects more then just Cecil and his offspring but of all the lions and there babies too.

Doing this allows you, the breeder, more flexibility and more creativity in the breeding process as you will now see lion furs and mane furs in combinations you haven’t seen previously…things like Auburn Tip on a Casablanca or a Light Grey on a Juba. This change gives you more control and more opportunity to create your dream lion.


2 thoughts on “Cecil is having babies

  1. Its an honor to have the chance to keep Cecil alive even if in cartoon form, he will be remembered. This is by far one of the best creations and ideas I have seen. Thank you WK

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