Sanctuary gets a page!

We now have a sanctuary page you can access with information about the Sanctuary as well as which Animals are currently available as well as those that have been retired.  You can access this page by the menu to the left.

We have released just this morning 3 new animals 2 Jaguars and 1 wolf.

The Jaguars are featuring the Argentina and Panther Breed with exclusive furs. The Furs will only be introduced from the breeding of these animals.

The Timber Wolf is the second of the Sanctuary Wolfs and its fur will not pass.

Timber Wolf Sanctuary

SanctuaryCat Panther fixed

SanctuaryCat ArgentinafinalFix

8 thoughts on “Sanctuary gets a page!

  1. Amazing traits. I jsut have to lament about the SPV points. I’m breeding WK for 2 years already, never spend any single point of my spv’s but I still dont have enough for any or them. Looks like the small breeders will keep just wishing have one them.

    • Nat and Jax – Flying Friends are a great way for smaller breeders to add to there points. Allowing your animals to help build your balance as they catch them and send the flying friends points to the sanctuary as well. Price on any item is something that is determined by the traits that are on them if we were to release them too low we would hear we are killing the market. We release them to high we are cutting out the smaller breeder but in fact many of our smaller breeders can afford them because they do not hold on to the sacks that they won’t do anything with. If you have sacks that you have not looked at in say 1-3 months the likely hood that your going to do anything with that sack is slim.

  2. Iam having now less than 10k points, but iam happy they are 400-500 – means theirs traits and theirs babies will keep value much longer than other Sanctuary Cats 🙂 and i love Sanctuary Wolf – is sooo kisseable lol :O

  3. Did any of you even look at the traits on these cats? I have all these traits already so why would I spend my points on something I already have? The fur is the only trait new on either of them and so not worth the price. Not even at 100K points would i buy these. The ideas that came before these were much better ideas and I am so disappointed that a very tiny few wrecked our chances at something really worth getting with our points.

    • We’re sorry that you don’t see the value in these new Sanctuary animals. While we realize that not so long ago fur and breed were not important traits as you couldn’t really breed for them, that has all changed recently. Fur AND breed can be bred for now, like any other trait. The furs on the two new Sanctuary jags are exclusive and can only be gotten from breeding one of the new Sanctuary Jags or its offspring. Additionally, they are pure Panther or Argentina jaguars…the two rarest of the jaguar breeds. This gives you the opportunity to breed those two breeds and get an exclusive fur. We think that has great value and provides an incredible opportunity to build a pride of pure Panther or Argentina jaguars with a rare fur.

  4. Yes I do agree on the idea of the Argentina which not only is one of the most rare Jags it is also one of the prettiest Jags and so over looked in its rarity. The panther is also a good idea outside of the fact that the word Panther itself means something close to “black wild cat” and is not really a breed or species and comes in all flavors in RL. What got me was the cost, someone before me said something about small breeders not having a chance well I personally would really like to know what exactly a small breeder is? I have close to 100 cats most all of the time and going on 3 years of breeding and I don’t have 500K in points so I guess I will consider myself a small breeder. I own 2 sets of the flying friends and it don’t help enough if I still don’t have 500K in points and they do get eaten up quickly with 70 to 100 cats after them. I also understand the promoting of the furs but I don’t see the majority as listening and still only going for levels. Words like pure breed, if I keep my family of lion interbreeding and never add a new species its a pure breed lion, maybe not a pure breed fur but its no mutt either, your going to get lions and not tigers from this line I created in breeding. I think wording needs to be better because it is the Hybrids in reality that changed the majority of how breeders think about cats and breeding and that where someone needs to step in and make a change besides not asking for 500K points for a cat just for its fur, not everyone asked for a passable fur, it was a very tiny group that made most comments that morning when the better ideas where presented. The ideas that came before these Sancs came out where better ideas and its a shame a very small group of breeders shoot them ideas down and we got this instead is all I was trying to say.For me breed has always been important until Hybrids came, now all that matters is mixing as many traits from one species to another that can be jam packed into a cat. I love my cats either way and always will and thank you for replying WK. I love my WK even if I don’t always agree its still the most amazing creation in SL as far as I am concerned

  5. Ok forget what I said up there about Pure Breed, I don’t want to give out misguided information. I misunderstood, went to class today and its a matter of looking at Species and Breed. So a Brazilian Jaguar, Brazilian is the Breed, Jaguar the species. So what I had created was a pure line of Lion species as in all lion background, where an all background showing or first page showing of Brazilian Jaguar would be a Pure Breed Brazilian. So sorry for any confusion I caused and hope this helps anyone else reading this.

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