Trick or Treat

It’s that spooky time of year and to celebrate we have, not one, but two, bloody Trick or Treat animals for our haunted breeders!

The first is our Trick or Treat Gray Wolf.

Trick or Treat Wolf

The Trick or Treat Wolf is loaded with must have traits and introduces the new scary “Grim” eye that is only available on this wolf but will pass to your animals. It also has a “Yummy In My Tummy” complete leg set, Large scale, Fluffy Long Aggressive personality, Fangs and a Black Spot tongue. The fur will not pass but all other traits will pass.

Next up we have the Trick or Treat Cheetah.

Trick or Treat Cheetah

The Trick or Treat African Cheetah introduces the new “Mutilated” ear that only comes from the Trick or Treat Cheetah. It also features a new, very diabolical, “Demonic” eye that passes so all your animals can be just as demonic. If that were not enough you get Extra Large scale, Long tail, Missing Fang and Short whiskers. The fur does not pass but all other traits will pass.

Both are available at either of the main sims.

Grab these gory beauties quickly and add them to your pride or pack! They go off sale November 5th.

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