Happy Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, we have this adorable little bouncing bat. It will bounce around your sim at the range you set minding its own business. Like any curious animal our WK Big Cats and WK Wild Dogs will simply have to investigate this strange bat and as the bat sense that its been spotted will do its best to hop away but alas it is caught and will play dead until its released.  Once the animal loses interest it will start its bouncing around again.  One sale at the main sims or you can Trick or Treat for it by sending in a photo by November 5, 2015 see below.

Straight Fluffy Bat

He can be yours simply by sending in your image of your animal dressed up for Trick or Treating like shown here.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Simply send your photo of your animal all dressed up for the Halloween Holiday to Kay Rembrandt she will get it posted to the WK Photo page and send you your WK Strange Batty

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