Winter Festival Animals are out.

The Winter Festival Big Cat

The Winter Festival Big Cat

Introducing the new WK Winter Festival Collector’s Edition Clouded Leopard. This amazing cat features Prehistoric teeth and the new Christmas Eve eye. It’s also packing a brand new ear you can breed for, the mega-sized “Batty” ear. While these new traits are exciting however, that’s not the most exciting part. In case you hadn’t noticed, this cat introduces a brand new breed of leopards…Clouded leopards…and this new breed ONLY comes from this cat and will not show up randomly. The beautiful Tumpat-GreyNose fur passes as a Exclusive Fur and will not be randomly introduced and there are other new furs to discover as you build up this new breed.

Winter Festival Wild Dog

Winter Festival Wild Dog

Brand new for the WK Winter Festival and just in time for the holiday season is the new LE Timber Wolf. The LE Timber Wolf has the new and exclusive “Winter Awakening” eyes plus Fangs, Paw tongue, Floppy ears and Moonlight Glow! The fur does not pass and Ho Ho Ho !!! is not a complete leg set and will not pass Extra Large scale. The parents in the background of this wolf also has some furs that have yet to be found that will pass. This is a must have for any wolf breeder’s pack!

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