Nice Grill . . . shouts on teeth

Did you know that somewhere between 75-80% of all cats on the grid have Natural teeth? Trying to get something other than Natural teeth on your cats can help set your cats apart from the crowd.

Some teeth are unlocked at various levels and will randomly show up when you level up or down at the appropriate levels. Fangs, Single Fang, Snaggle and Baby Teeth are all examples of that. That’s great but remember since they are random drops they are not destined to stay rare for a long time and as breeders we all want something rare in our cats.

If you are looking for something rarer that will stay that way, consider Sabertooth, Prehistoric, Long Tooth Single Fang, Broken Tooth and Crooked Tooth. These teeth are often over looked by breeders, especially the newer breeders, because they are not new. However, these teeth are rarer and are limited. None of the five are available as random drops but have come from various Sanctuary, Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition Cats and the only way to get them is from these special cats or through the secondary market. In the long-term, they will always be rarer than any teeth that show up randomly and because of that and the fact that their visual impact is striking, they add value to your pride.

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