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  1. This seems to indicate that you can not pull any trait from the top roll such as if a cat has extreme scale. Is this just talking about furs or is it now saying traits or only passed from parents.

    • The top row traits may come in from the random pool are not added into the mix when making the next animal. We look at the mom to be, the dad to be and their parents, plus the traits that are in the random pool from one level up and one level down plus the current level of each of the parents to be.

  2. This explanation has been long awaited. Finally, something to dispel the various ways breeders conjure up how to breed. This information has been taught in class since I’ve started WK, and it has amazed me to see how seasoned breeders would swear that this wasn’t the way traits passed. We finally have a reference outside of class to point to to help mentor future breeders. Awesome stuff WK. Thank you for posting this. Future explanation of what’s a hidden, level locked, trait may be needed for those who swear they got a trait like “Snaggle Tooth” or “Custard Eyes” to pass from the top row to the new litter, though.

  3. In class, it was mentioned that you could still draw uber cat eyes from the top row in order to make the hybrid eyes more special. Also, it has been said that the Cecil Mane fur could be drawn from the top row, since he was a very special cat. Are these exceptions? Or, are there no exceptions?

    • Look at the ancestry page as what went into the animal your looking at. As what will pass look at the animal the button Stats or Parent Stats is what you can expect to have a chance of passing.

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