Dire Wolfs

We know many of you are anxious for news on the dire wolves so we thought we would take a moment to update you on our progress.

Beta is still on-going but winding down. We had a lot to work to do during the beta so it’s gone on longer than most anticipated.

We have worked very hard to improve the breed-ability of the wolves and we believe changes to the genetics along with improvements to the rarity calculator will help accomplish this.

Additionally, we wanted to add role-play functionality to the wolves and we want this to be right so it’s taken a bit longer than expected but we think the role-play enthusiast will be quite pleased with the results.

At the end of the day, it was our goal to make something that would appeal to both the breeder and the role-play community. We believe we are accomplishing that and all of you will soon see the results of all the hard work and all of your patience will be rewarded.

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