Dire Wolves Are Here!

The long-awaited and much anticipated release of the Dire Wolves is finally here!

These sleek new wolves have an aggressive new look and feature all new and improved furs and eyes while also introducing new teeth and tails.

With the introduction of the Dire Wolves a couple of things are happening. First, for the breeders out there, we have worked on the genetics to improve breed-ability. Second, we are adding role play functionality and a new HUD that will appeal to the role play enthusiast. These changes will apply to all WK Wild Dogs so existing wolves will need to be updated.

Also, we have changed the way generations work when breeding different species of wolves. All wolves can still be bred with any other species of wolf. However, with this introduction generations are now tied to species. What that means is that putting a generation 20 Gray wolf with a generation 10 Timber wolf will get you either a generation 21 Gray wolf or a generation 11 Timber wolf. You can not get a generation 16 Timber or Gray wolf as you could in the past. Breeding between species is a great way to get traits into different species but it does nothing to help you skip generations and advance quickly.

With the new Dire Wolf and the changes introduced with it we have created a truly unique breedable that will appeal to both the breeder and the role play enthusiast alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this great new addition to the WK Wild Dogs.


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