Wolf Rarity Gets Updated

As part of our efforts to improve the breed-ability of the wolves we have instituted major changes to the rarity calculator.

Going forward the rarity calculator numbers will be less arbitrary and much more based on actual rarities. More emphasis will be placed on traits like fur, ears, eyes, tail, teeth, scale and tongue and less emphasis on legs.

In the past, legs were always 3 points each and in some cases accounted for 1/3 of any wolf’s rarities. This is no longer the case and legs will only be worth 0 points or 1 point if they are truly rare. At the same time the traits listed above will likely go up in value. Personality is no longer shown on the rarity calculator and no points are awarded for it, but it will show on the Ancestry page and on the inworld stats. Tail shape takes it’s place on the rarity calculator which offers much more opportunity for a truly rare trait and points will show accordingly.

A brief test of the rarity calculator showed increases of 2-9 rarity points despite the points given up on legs and personality.

What this will do for the breeder is reward them for truly rare traits they get in their wolves and give much more variation in the rarity point value of the wolves. It also gives a breeder more incentive to pursue a rarer trait whatever trait that happens to be.

Please be aware that by basing the rarity calculator on the real rarity of the traits that the rarity point value of a wolf can and likely will change slightly over time.

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