You won’t want to miss this …..

The first CE for the Wolves.  Whats a CE you ask? How does it effect passing? Wolves furs are very different from our cat furs. The ears, tails and legs are traits and part of a color ID type.  The face, jaw and body are tied together these in a CE will not pass but they will pass something from the color id.  The color ID will come in at higher generations randomly.  The Piercing Blue Eye and The Chipped Tooth will have a chance of passing only from this animal or its offspring it will not be in the random selection.

Parents of this animals are the same as crated wolves with generation 1 – 2

Look for this one on what those of us in SL refer to as Terrible Tuesday, :-))). CE Dire WolfLandmarks to be sent with the group notice when were ready to go.

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