A False Rumor

It has been brought to our attention that a False Rumor is going around the community about which animals are looked at in genetics and that it is ONLY the parent to be female and the parent to be male. This is inaccurate in the way that they are not the ONLY animals looked at it is in FACT 6 (SIX) animals.  The 6 animals you can get the information from when clicking an animal in world.  Your female animal and her parents and the male animal and his parents.  These are also the 6 animals that make up the bottom row of the 2 perspective parents.  When they finally have a cub they will be the 6 animals that are around the cub when you look at the ancestry page.

The other thing we would like to again say is this has been how it has been since we opened nothing has changed here.  Regardless of what people may have said or how they like to try to manipulate what we say by using different terms.

10 thoughts on “A False Rumor

  1. The reason some people are putting “crap” statements about is that the facts are not coming across clearly and some people are confused, which is natural if you get conflicting statement from staff at wk. So if someone has given “false” information this is because they have been given that “false” information themselves. So maybe best not to judge people.

  2. The instruction lessons and manuals are very good. CSR support is second to none in this realm. I have not been, but the Saturday school sessions, I’m told are very good. The only thing that seems amiss, is the semantics. Perhaps a glossary of terms and their definition would help to draw everyone onto a similar page, so to speak.

    • the term grandparent is hard to understand let me try to explain it this way. Grandparents on ancestry page this would be the labels Moms Mom or Dads Mom or Dads Dad or Moms Dad they mattered in the making of the animal you are looking at. The one in the center. When you are looking for the next animal they no longer will as the animals next to the one in the center bottom row will become the parent and the two on either side of it will become the grandparent. SO do grandparents matter of course do Great Grandparents no. Ancestry shows you parents and grandparents of the animal your looking at. Moving forward you take the bottom row of animal A the female and the bottom row of animal B the Male and make cubs with those 6 animals. Hopes this helps

  3. I am very new to breeding and i was told to not even worry about the grandparents and its only what the parents have o_o

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