Sanctuary Lion

S.Lion SOuth African

This Big Boy has some very special things about him you will want to know about.

First and probably most notable is the fur its a beautiful creamy white, with light tan mixed in to the tuff of his tail.  This Fur will pass something similar and will not come in randomly.

Second is the Zodiac Eyes this eye is the first of its kind and it will pass the next sign in the zodiac and not only does the face cat have it but its Mom has the Zodiac Cancer and Dad has the Zodiac Taurus.

Third is the Dads Fur this is a new fur and will be very rare as the only way to get the fur is from an animal with it or from the Sanctuary Lion itself and that goes for the SoftSilver Fur.

Enjoy – if you would like to just check him out he is on the WKU sim wandering around near the Sanctuary Alley.

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