Cinco de Mayo with WK

It’s a Cinco de Mayo street fair! Music, prizes and tons of fun for you, the breeding community starting at 4 pm SLT May 5th!

We start off at 4 pm SLT with DJ Kota. Kota has an amazing music library and will be playing a variety of music appropriate for the day. Try to stump her. I dare you.

At 6:30 pm SLT it’s time for a little spice as CME presents Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert!

Then, at 8 pm SLT the party continues as the amazing DJ Lilith takes over the stream with even more great music.

Bring your friends and family. Grab some Tequila and hop in your Lowrider. When you get here ignore the Angry Cockroaches and you’ll be in Heaven! Earache My Eye, miss this one and you’ll be crying 96 Tears!

2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo with WK

  1. Would have been awesome if you would have had a Cinco De Mayo eye drop! Or even a eye design contest and winners recive like portions of breed food or something.

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