Catching you up

Its been very a very generous month when you look at these totals the people of SL and those directly related to our breeding community have raised the following.

For the Red Cross of Canada –

From the Raffle held on Cataclysm WK Market 

Raffle winner was ALIKA and a total raffle raised of 32,000Ls

From the combined auction held by Mutant Forest,  Mystic Bay, Beast Mode and the Breedable community

Raised from Panels and Donations: 192,375ls

For the RFL –

From the auction of are 2013 RFL Tiger cat it sold for 90,000Ls

From the random total vendors was not able to get those totals before they were picked up.

From the WK Radio RFL auction – total after 2 n 1/2 auctions and 5 raffles at auction  Second Life    263,269Ls

Thank you for all the wonderful support to both of these fine causes. We are truly grateful for our community.

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